GAMANA’s Employability Training model’s uniqueness is the combination of the following priorities incorporated in the module Linking Learning & Livelihoods including:

  • An access barrier free aspiration learning mode specific to vulnerable youth, age, location and category
  • Market oriented competency based Employability skill development
  • A feeder line for higher education
  • Active and continuous participation of corporate at every stage
  • Institutionalized process tools

‘Linking learning with livelihoods’ is one of the key strategies of GAMANA that promotes aspiration and flexible learning module to facilitate educationally disadvantaged youth to become lifelong learners and move towards security and growth stages in their career. Institutionalizing the Government, Private and civil society partnerships based on their key strengths and roles, is another key program strategy that GAMANA intends building upon its existing experiences. The key strategy Public-Private-Civil Society partnership also refers to leveraging civil society, corporate and government sector resources, participation and leadership to institutionalize tested mechanisms to:

  • Identify most vulnerable and disadvantaged youth in most vulnerable areas
  • Deliver market driven quality training
  • Benchmark quality delivery (certification, standards and procedures)
  • Transfer successful business practices and skills (including Labour Market Inventory, Business Mentor Network, Corporate Social Responsibility, mentoring).
  • Facilitate easy access to jobs and entrepreneurship opportunity in the growing economy